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Lifeskills for 2,587 Children in South Africa

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Join Keep The Dream196 in changing 2,587 South African orphaned and vulnerable children's lives. The kids aged 5-26yrs, changing families, villages and eventually the country, by transferring life skills and infusing hope, we are impacting and building South Africa today. The children learn and apply for example: integrity, honesty & self leadership in practical everyday situations. "Turning 18 all I had to look forward to was learning to smoke and dying of AIDS, now I have hope"- says Ronny.


Crime, teenage pregnancy, poverty, HIV, unemployment and hopelessness are the main challenges confronting children in Greater Tzaneen. We work with 87 volunteers in 78 villages helping children to build resilience to over come often horrendous life situations and build on those success's so that the children will have the emotional, physical and spiritual strength to enter adulthood as leaders helping others to achieve their dreams.


We use the Scouts model of cascade training and peer support to empower the children to make wise decisions about their lives from a value's based perspective. We have a code of conduct which the children agree to in order to participate in the project. The children then are involved in many different activities which are age and skills appropriate as they develop as young leaders. A feature of our project is that each group must be involved in a community project to give back to their village.